When the night falls, look up in the sky,
you’ll find twinkling objects up high.
Those blinking objects are
the beautiful stars,
though from earth they are quite far.
But, they are not made of rocks
on which we could walk.
They are just a mixture of gases.
But the question why they twinkle?
comes to my mind and passes.
I don’t know how hot they would,
and how much cool they might!
what color they have
blue, red, or white?
Sometimes I feel like collecting them
and keep in my pocket,
or replacing their brightness
with my room’s bulb and socket.
It’s my dream to reach’em with my rocket,
then pluck one and wear it as a locket.
But, as soon as I woke up
I was in the science class so far,
where I learned that stars are just so huge
and this dropped my mused moods
and thoughts like a shooting star!!



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