Consider a blind man, so still his eyes stand. Yes, he’s Mr. Cane, a virtuous soul, and the least mundane. It’s a challenge for him as they all believe. But, I reckon it is to find the true relief. So, I too accept this hashtag hurdle and overlook all the muddle. The blindfold of expectations … More THE PERFECT BLIND


When the night falls, look up in the sky, you’ll find twinkling objects up high. Those blinking objects are the beautiful stars, though from earth they are quite far. But, they are not made of rocks on which we could walk. They are just a mixture of gases. But the question why they twinkle? comes … More JUST IN MY DREAMS


Joining their parts, they stand still. They can counter every echoing evil. Vigorously you tremble, still find them ensemble. Hanging on the periphery, striving for serenity. Yet taken for granted, for being just an outline on several maps. Effectual they are regarded, winning praise for their shine. By a chain the neck is guarded, like … More THE GOLDEN THORNS


The big fat wedding, all is set. No gowns this time, only a nano dress. She’s going to be the blast and better than the rest. She’s someone special, she’s groom’s charming ex! So jealous of the bride, she asks her girlfriends “Be the 2nd bride, walk with pride. Make him realize, with someone wrong … More A MINUTE MISS!


I am feeling so amazed and verry merry to get this tag from one of my friends TANYA SAHAY a creative blogger being the change she wants! Her blog: In turn (as the blogging bible says) I’d like to nominate the following bloggers: PAKHI PANDE: BHAVIKA PAREEK: SHIVASHISH: AMOGH: GBOLABO ADETUNJI: STARMANJONES: THE HONKING … More OH YEAHHHH!! IT’S MY FIRST TAG!!!


Guess WHO  WHAT? He came like an angel with skin so soft. So creative indeed he was could turn into a basket, an envelope so fragile. He is fashionable too wearing clothes of various designs. His face so colorfull like the face of a cube. He is meticulous man, about keeping his surroundings clean. He is … More ANY CLUE?


The ghastly winds with wailing clouds, thunder like fathom’s cry. Like the hidden secrets in heart, the seeds must sink deep. As apples are meant to be red, why phantoms fly and haunt? When all run from the open grave, Why the shrouded is a crave? All the mysteries at night sneak, don’t they fear … More EERIE ENDINGS