Like the dictionary on the table I lay there amongst people in a clutter. I am generally just lying there, closed, waiting for someone to come and flip the pages as if stirring the still tea to mix the sugar and savour the tongue. I am waiting for someone to search a word of love, … More Dictionary

Blind date with words

#Raceminism “Because it’s the wrong shade!” she said. I was wearing white against the red themed beauty pageant. “If you win, use the mic to say our rape and horror”. “your childhood dreams-“beauty queen”, painted red”. My name was announced. “Tell them our molestations…” She whispered. “Oh…”, The mic stopped. Reggie pulled me to the … More Blind date with words


I may not be a poet, but I do write poetry. My poetry may not rhyme, But it does rhyme with my life. My lines may not be straight, but they straight-forwardly pass on the message. I may not run to my dreams for there are many pitfalls. But, I may vault to my dreams … More NO TITLES REQUIRED


I have been thinking of her, of her face and her misty grace. Of her glow, her hair dangling mistletoe. Of her feet, when beautifully they tip-toe. A fairy with white wings, she shines in the dark world. Her touch is so strong, she feels in a breath of swirls. She moves in a whirling … More FROM A STOLEN SIGHT


Oh dear! it’s my third award. I am feeling so amazing to share it with you all. I would like to thank Shonessa for nominating me! About this award “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out … More A NEW AWARD!!


Consider a blind man, so still his eyes stand. Yes, he’s Mr. Cane, a virtuous soul, and the least mundane. It’s a challenge for him as they all believe. But, I reckon it is to find the true relief. So, I too accept this hashtag hurdle and overlook all the muddle. The blindfold of expectations … More THE PERFECT BLIND