When the aroma of the beans mix with the essence of a book, this recipe can get you the title of Master Chef of any era. I still remember those drops tipping on the window pane whilst the cool and breezy climate easing and enhancing the suspense of my novel “The Bourne Ultimatum” by Robert Ludlum.

The pleasure of reading a new word with a new meaning is for real, indeed. One cannot know the meaning of a good book until one discovers the hidden treasure in the flip of the pages.

Nowadays, a good book is moulded is into a blockbuster movie but the reality still resides in the unread letters. many movies like harry potter series, lord of the rings, hunger games, etc. have been adapted from the novels and if you read the book after watching its theatrical version, many of you will be shocked to know the height of the editing scissors.

“Books are our true friends” it’s said so, but recently people find their true companions whilst chatting on Facebook, whatsapp, or any other social media. Children used to find their ideals in the characters of the novels like Emma, Tom sawyer but now these assertive and confident fictitious people have led the way to some vulnerable ones like Doraemon, Chota Bheem, and in some sever cases Shin chan, Oggy, etc. Reading makes us confident, improves our vocabulary, language but today’s generation is about short-cut, you need to know about Helen Keller’s life for 10’th exam, you can watch the movie.

I have accepted this world the way it is, I too sometimes engage in these visual treats and sometimes quote myself to be iron man, or impersonate wolverine but never stop reading about them.

The movie player will soon stop when the guy will get the girl or a Jedi will discover his force but a book will never because it gives a sense of imagination, and perception to read another or reach some other level of the story which is unquenchable and never-ending in itself!




      1. ohh thank you soo much! you too are a very special person as whenever I talk to you i just don’t realize that I’m talking to person who I haven’t seen ever in my life… it seems we just met and did some chit-chat yesterday!!

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  1. One of my biggest fears is that libraries will become vacuous. Generations will be reading less and less, and imaginations will slowly dwindle. This fear has empowered me to put my foot down, because reading, I believe, is one of the best pass times for personal enrichment. I myself refuse to allow my life to get controlled by technology, and I intend to advocate for reading to those ability those in my surroundings. Whether it be family members, friends, and my future children. Reading is a testament to heightened imagination…

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