I may not be a poet,
but I do write poetry.
My poetry may not rhyme,
But it does rhyme with my life.
My lines may not be straight,
but they straight-forwardly pass on the message.
I may not run to my dreams
for there are many pitfalls.
But, I may vault to my dreams
passing by the lanes of fault.
I may not fly to the sky
for I have no wings to steer.
But, I may jump so high
and pull the sky near.
I may not go so deep
for I have no gills to breathe.
but I may dive so down
with my mind freeing all bounds.
I may not beat that girl
or boy in their game too soon.
But I may challenge my destiny
to perpetuate in the play every noon.
I may not live to my fullest,
but I may live to the core.
I may not taste the riches,
but I may serve the wretches and sore.
I may not seem to reach my goal,
but may I change my perspective,
and once you attain your vision
everything becomes receptive!

Aashi Kulshrestha


I may not change, but I may remain constant.

Because change is the only constant. You may change your life by a micro change in your perception.#MotivationUnlocked


38 thoughts on “NO TITLES REQUIRED

      1. This means, a reader is in a habit of reading spontaneously. He reads without being consciously aware of it, like breathing. So, when you want to read any post, you may, as we neither don’t take permission to breathe.


      2. Yes. But sometimes what is fun?
        To a reader, it is a phrase. To an extrovert it is friends. To a shy, it is solace. To some it’s depth of knowledge. To majority it’s chit-chat and out-going. So, what is it? This definition can also come under the majority influence. What ye’ think?


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