“Bang!” and the door closed.
I know she left for Florida
for chasing her dreams
and now I am left on my own
with some clothes and cream.

I have no idea what should I do,
from where to start,
no job, a few bucks, and now no girlfriend.
I think I should first take a shower.

I open my closet to pull-out my garments
that she folded and twisted in some beautiful garlands.
I take a sniff, and realize
her perfume is on every piece of cloth that I try.

Never mind, to myself I say
I’ll shut her magical spells
with my deodorant’s spray.

I open the misty doors of the shower room,
and the strong aroma hits my tip of nose,
it is of the soap that she rubs on her smooth skin,
I wonder how she does that, it’s all over in the wind.

I turn the knob and start the shower,
and I could feel the drops of her wet hair
falling on my neck and shoulder.

I release the pressure of the shower,
and her fingers are running down my spine.
with that smell in the air,
it seems as if she’s every where.

But I am willing to fight back,
I take that soap and run it on my arms
it is so smooth, it slips from my fingers,
like I let her slip to Florida.

Then I turn to that shampoo bottle on the edge,
it seems to loosen my head
as if she’s running her fingers
between my hair.

Her palm touches my chest
and rushing towards the shoulder,
“where are you, Sarah?” I think
she whispers “I am here, I live in yer crest”

I open my eyes and the soap gets in them,
they burn like coal and I stand in the shower
to brush off her deceiving touch,
the lotion rolls down my body
and I realize I smell more like her.

I come out of her sweet-smelling cage,
wipe off the water and put on some clothes,
her hands round my neck, her feet round my waist,
it seems I am wearing her on my torso.

I skip the idea of deodorant spray,
I am missing her already since the day.
I feel weird, and fall on the bed to sleep again,
perhaps it’s the heart-break that’s making me wan.

“Bang!” (the door closes again) deja-vu I think,
after a few moments, I feel some one’s
grabbing me from behind,
now I could feel her limbs over me, for real.

Me: “Hey! where have you been?
I thought you ran away to Florida.”

Her: “Yes, I did in yer dreams, sleepyhead,
just went out for some groceries,
you smell like lilies!”

Me: “It’s yer deadly soap, indeed!”


Hi, friendly bloggers! A few days ago I was talking to my best friend and while we were conversing, out of nowhere, he compared his bathing soap to his girlfriend. This silly comparison was stuck in my mind since then. He then challenged me to write on a topic or genre that I’ve never written before, he was assessing my versatility. So, I remembered, the most difficult genre of writing for me has always been romance. And I don’t want myself to tether to a specific rock in the literary ocean. So, this post is an answer to my challenge. I hope you guys enjoy it! #NoJudging! #ChallengeCompleted šŸ™‚


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