Image result for soldiers chain drawing

Joining their parts,
they stand still.
They can counter
every echoing evil.

Vigorously you tremble,
still find them ensemble.
Hanging on the periphery,
striving for serenity.
Yet taken for granted,
for being just an outline
on several maps.

Effectual they are regarded,
winning praise for their shine.
By a chain the neck is guarded,
like the roses’ twine.

A crest, an aura, a look,
all is gold.
Shimmer both day and night,
remain a pride when they get old.

Governed by a man are they,
as if manipulating a chain.
Even when primp appears,
still enjoyn they remain.
Just a necklace for the neck,
a camera for the cut-throat.
Yes, they are the strong chains,
they are the soldiers on the fore!



9 thoughts on “THE GOLDEN THORNS

      1. and so do you sir! you too never leave any chance to make me feel good and motivated, and so when I face the world the next morning I always keep motivating people as you do!
        who knows someday one might get enlightened and do something ammazinggg and unexpectedd!

        Liked by 1 person

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