I was dreaming one day,

I heard the thief s’ pellet spurting.

My brother went to the bay,

Visited again wobbling.

He stroke the door

Like the guns’ roar.

The hubbub alarmed me

I rushed to open the spooky gates

“What ground s’ are of thy wait?”

Before I could articulate,

He swathe me with his cape.

He then departed

Without any other utter

Just gave me a hunk of butter.

Very soon the guards came in,

Took the piece and grinned.

They took me to the princely lord,

Who expressed gratitude and gave me reward.

I was told’ bout the diamond in margarine,

The lanky locator would earn the royal serene.

But my better half handed it to me,

Soon the regal glee grimed me.

Another day came a solace letter,

With a few lines of chatter.

“Dear Betty,

You lost all for my tomorrow,

You’ve fought the arduous with valor,

So, I must lush your life with colors

My majesty is my ode to you,

May thou unearth joy in all rue.

Yours sincerely


And I felt paid for my do.


P.S. I had no idea what to write so, this is probably my 1st post!



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