The ghastly winds with wailing clouds,
thunder like fathom’s cry.

Like the hidden secrets in heart,
the seeds must sink deep.

As apples are meant to be red,
why phantoms fly and haunt?

When all run from the open grave,
Why the shrouded is a crave?

All the mysteries at night sneak,
don’t they fear the owl’s shriek?

We spook the death’s kiss by the knight,
whilst we vow to die beloved’s side.

With all such eerie thoughts,
I mark the demise of my piece.
As it’s time to eat sandwiches
with grilled cheese 😀



14 thoughts on “EERIE ENDINGS

  1. sandwiches..with no, she said AND grilled cheese…. hmn what kind of sandwiches? onion gravy sarnies ala east London “” dock workers or perhaps some of west London with the cucumber fancy mustard/wine ones? eggplant parm and whack of softened provolone lava-ed up on the grill? tomatoes only your aunt manages up in her garden steak cut oozing? or do you have a touch of the strange going where you rightly believe it’s a toasted mayo only with a grilled slab of cheese on the side? – that would warm my heart. I will admit immediately i’d call foul! if you said babaghanoush with a whack grilled Swiss separate…that would be the other side of weird..not necessarily bad except for the Swiss.

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  2. as you’ve tiptoed to my little blog, i see that you may have quickly caught on my little sneaky fails of grammar/editing…and schmarm to say – ah but you KNOW what i mean even if you leave sometimes confused ;)- he’s quite guilty of grammatical faux pauxs. like referring out of typically used tenses to himself. 😉 or neglecting capitolization… a quite great fail as proper writing goes. 😉 he hopes you shall endure.

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