What a lovely day it is!
Can’t forget in the un-comming years.
With god I meet today,
for some questions, seeking answers.

Sown in poverty,
wrapped in dark thread.
Been a young lady,
no band aids for my shed.

Banished by the lavish,
banned from the temples,
blind for the nights,
barren, virulent wounds, no candles in sight.

My clothes, skin, my appearance,
ate me from tip to toe.
Leaving no space for affection
my own kind became my foe.

I am now released from the cut-throats,
levitating on the heaven grounds.
Waiting for the solutions,
of the reasons of those hounds.

P.S. This post is dedicated to the initiative taken by TANYA SAHAY on Equality.



4 thoughts on “WHY ME?

  1. Oh my god! Aashi thank you so much. You have no how much this means to me. I LOVE your poem. And love might be an understatement. It’s so top-notch. Thank you so much again Aashi you just made me whole day! I am so grateful to you.

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