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I would like to thank Mrs. RANJEETA NATH GHAI to nominate me for this amazing award which I am reciving the second time (feeling so lucky!!!).

Now as per rules (given below) I’d like to share 7 random facts about myself:

  1. I love making friends.
  2. I don’t undestand the word ROMANCE. I fancy mystery, suspense, thriller, drama, and super heroes.
  3. I strongly feel that if marvel people keep producing amazing films and comics, the life is worth living! and also when chefs keep on bringing up with new sweat recipes, slurp!! I love sweats!!
  4. My favourite place is my study where I think, read, post my posts(sometimes boring ones), etc.
  5. I am a teen, so I love being in my friends company and go out with them and chill (no I am not adicted to drugs, don’t worry)
  6. I am not a funny person, but I really admire humorous people and love their company.
  7. I really love reading blogs especially when it comes to poetry, and try my best to acknowledge everyone’s post and like them too if they are innovative! because I love creativity!!

Now it’s time for the most awaited nominations (because many of us are actually bothered about seeing our name on the list as if declaring the result of Harvard :-))

    1. PAKHI PANDE- https://rhymeagination.wordpress.com/
    2. AUTISM IN OUR NEST- http://www.autismfamilypower.com/ (for being so inspirational and supportive, just wanted to appreciate in some way through some award!!)
    3. MEENAKSHI SETHI- https://msethi272.wordpress.com/
    4. PRAKASH HEGADE- https://itsphblog.wordpress.com/
    5. SACHIN KUMAR- https://sachin1411.wordpress.com/
    6. UMA- https://uma197.wordpress.com/
    7. SHOAIB RASHEED- https://muraadnama.wordpress.com/
    8. DOM- https://thesleepingreadingbeauty.wordpress.com/
    9. LAZY HAZE- https://lazyhazeblog.wordpress.com/
    10. SHREYANS- https://shreyanssite.wordpress.com/
    11. TANYA SAHAY- http://scribledreams.com/
    12. DEBBRAH MAXWELL- https://debbrahmaxwell.wordpress.com/
    13. KAVITA CHAVADA- https://writekavita227.wordpress.com/
    14. ASH- https://ashejade.wordpress.com/

And finally… 16.ANAMIKAA- https://anamikaablog.wordpress.com/

Now it’s time for the binding rules:

Award rules:

  • Thanks for the person who nominated you.

  • Share the award in your blog.

  • Share seven random facts about yourself.

  • Tag 15 fellow bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated.

  • wanted to nominate more….. but the lines written above are tormenting…

18 thoughts on “WOOHOO!! MY SECOND AWARD!!!

  1. Nice knowing more about you dear… off course you can nominate more bloggers….. the limit is set because Ppl don’t have that much time now a days. Everyone has a life to live and responsibility to cast out. Then it might become tedious. Plz feel free to nominate more if you wish to do do. Even I’m fond of sweets and mint and chocolate is my fav combo. Thought I have to control my sweet tooth out I’ll gain weight😜 but I still indulge in this combo.

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  2. “I am not a funny person, but I really admire humorous people and love their company.” – Thanks for acknowledging my good sense of humor! ;P I admire you too!

    Congratulations on your second achievement and thank you for nominating me!

    Liked by 2 people

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