Work, work, work!
I worked all the day.
“Capricorns” they said,
still I didn’t mind their say.

No gossips I ever did,
No for food over 30 mins.
There’s something I miss
What is it that I repent?

Had a big fat house,
no pest, no mouse.
A variety of suits,
and no other paths to use.

Then the new manager greeted me,
how funny was he!
From the bureau to bistro,
and then to coffee and tea.

Can’t stop thinking about him,
finally decided the demise of my sins,
and overlooked his innocent face,
bewildered in every phase.

Then I decided at last,
amidst the perplex, the blast.
I went for confessions and love,
and my computer supported me as well.

It told me:
“your system needs transformation
Into a loving loop I plead,
to contentment from resentment indeed!



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