I stare the mountains,
so high and deep.

I bow to the land,
with green undulated face.

My sight drowns in sea,
silently profound indeed.

I admire the precious rain ,
for its talent to unearth joy.

To mankind, I bestow my praise,
for its unquenchable thirst of intellect.

I adore the wordly adornments,
In the flip of pages, with novelty in every novel.

I worship nature’s passion for all,
Its balance and wondrous stature.

I get usually perplexed,
Is any of my works worth flattery?

But then I realise,
my applause to everyone
is a good thing in me.


Everyone has a hidden talent and virtue. It’s only us who are meant to discover it, because evryone of us is special in every way being a bit similar to all the nature’s creations!



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