It’s a thought about life that provokes me,
It’s something about life that bores me.

It was almost midnight. After getting so tired by my failed – hitchhiking plan, I lay in my bed again waiting for sleep to kiss me and dreams to bliss me. It was nothing new, I was lying alone as usual, the thoughts were running, I coudn’t sleep and waiting for something terrible like bomb blast or something like a friend knocks on the door and we do a pyjama party, etc, etc. to happen.

Fainting in the thoughts, I see someone struggling with the door, soon I realise that there is really someone knocking on the wood since when, I didn’t know. I think of maybe they have found me or the owners are back.. and asked “who is it?”. He said “Hey sally! it’s me Ray, open the door I need to pee or I’ll do it on yer doorstep!”. As soon as I open the door not-so-Ray enters and says (pointing a knife)

“I guess my arrow hit in the dark was quite good! now give me all money you have or I’ll..”.

“Hey! I’m just a hitchhiker, saw this empty house and got in!”

“Fine do you have some food?”

“No, well I don’t think so..”

“fine let’s check in the kitchen”

We got no food in the house and Ray was starving, so we went in another house to steal some. As we got near the fridge, some footsteps seemed to reach us, we got under the table and stayed still facing each other for a few mins.
“You don’t seem like a runner, seems you are from the urban”

“Yeah, that’s right!, needed to take break!”

“Well, I’m a poor larcenist stealing survival”

And then we got up and satiated. We went home and he jumped on the bed and said

“you can take the sofa”

“oh c’mon I was here first, I’ll sleep on the bed. Atleast have some respect for girls!”


In the morning we went for shopping. We got home with a bunch of packed food and bottles of milk. We did our break-fast and decided to know about each-other. It was a round table for 2, baby pink in color with 2 chairs, we sat and started.

“I was always poor, my parents tried to sell me off for some money, we were 3 children I was the last one left”

“Well, as you know I am from the urban, and I’m a girl so, I was not allowed to move out alone and do things alone, this made me go whacky and I decided to go away”

“How did you leave? Just like that, packed bags and went off”

“No, it was a camping trip for 3 days and again I was not permitted so I left a note and went away, I tried to go for hitchhiking but I was scared from those drivers, so… The rest you know!”

“Ok so, for how much time are you goin’to stay here?”

“I don’t know! Do you miss yer parents or siblings?!”

He stood up pushed me off from the chair and I fell down, he came closer sat a bit higher than me while I was lying on the floor and said
“You don’t say about them, you barely know’em, or I’ll stick my knife through yer brain!”

“Fine! I know you’re a fan of Gerard butler!”

(Of course I didn’t say that)
I said “fine! I’m sorry, I know it hurts!”

He got up and threw the knife in the bin, maybe he was hating himself for being so rude. He was not more than 18, just a few years older than me. We spent many days in that house while my virgin skin remained intangible. We watched movies and often talked about some educational topics (as I was much more literate than him), I often taught him basic science, mathematics english, etc, etc. We shared a bond of friendship, fraternity, and security.
But one day, when I got up in the bed, and reached the dining hall where his sofa positioned, he was not sleeping on it. I searched the whole place but he was nowhere to be found, I thought he might’ve gone to buy some commodities and waited but hours I spent were futile. I thought he left the place maybe out of realisation and went back to his parents. then I opened the fridge and saw a note on studded on the milk jar.

“I’ve realised that I should leave now, I know my parents did wrong with me and my brothers but, I think that was the last choice they had. From today I’m going to earn my thing with slog and not steal. I’m going to require some money and a few othe things. Sorry I’m taking a few of yers as well, but I’ll try to return them or keep them as souveniers and evidence of our friendship. Yers Ray of hope.”
I checked the house and my stuff, yes a few, bit expensive needs were missing, I could do nothing about that, and thought that his condition and situation was worse that me still he chose to try a U-turn, and so I did.
We both went on our new ways, hoping to meet someday and rejuvenate our memoris of that abandoned house.
As we both made up our mind,
to choose a way that was right,
leaving our false Facade,
in that house behind!




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