I was with my friends
walking down the street,
and he was there in front of me,
just like in fourth grade when
I dropped my handkerchief.

I saw him in the school sometimes
with something unique and sublime.
I never bothered to ask him though
I was too busy in the girl’s row!

Soon the isolated rain wet my face,
and I still reminisce that phase
when I started falling for that chase
from forth to forth year of haze.

I hardly chattered with the chaps
when I excelled I heard his claps.
It was just “we” in the bottomless sea.
I don’t remember any fights, only plea.

However, one day I got a message from Ray,
He asked me out at the bay.
Again like a partner he followed me
and I kissed Ray with no delay.

Still he stood there, being betrayed.
He did not drop any struggle from his eyes,
because he was a shining shadow
cold as ice, stoic as skies,
loved to Pretend my own wise,
never let my life capsize!


This poetry is about realising the latent love and talent within you for yourself. Because it’s you who decide the rules of yer life. This poem might be a bit absurd but the shadow of a person is one such thing which never leaves you and it’s the same in all of us, dark as the ash of either ones smoke or ones flames of shine!



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