Ocean seems serene,
when silence rests in waves.
Senses awake in the darkest cave,
when air calms the coo.

The fire seems to be steered a while,
for stillness, flicker bestows the way.
The arrow meets the red round,
for aim to have a still sway.

The words unsaid can be understood,
if shush shuts the shout.
All let the silence say,
if death traspires to hound.

The secret spirit survives,
When silence paves the way.
It’s time for us to realise
what Silence means to say!



17 thoughts on “SILENT NEEDS

  1. Wow ! Aashi,

    Can you help me with your words , hence I have no clue how to appreciate blogger for thier awesome posts.

    What content and words one should choose when you see amazing poem and want to praise writer.

    I really donot know when you see wisdom in words , how should you react to express your feelings.

    Can you help me please , will you help me please .? I need to appreciate some one for her fresh poem on silence.

    I am really glad to share the name of the post is ” Silent needs “.

    She is important for me, I need your help kindly suggest your words. How I should appreciate her ?

    I am really speechless , may be I should not not write anything . Let the silence convey my message for her praise.

    May God let her know she is amazing. I wish !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. holy christ! indeed yer silence’s has reached me and i guess silence implies spell bound stuff too! so, I think after reading yer soooo inspiring comment I am able to understand the meaning of silence! after reading yer comment I think you need to help me out this time so that I can thanks a great man having an inspiring aura and persona as well! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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