Life is a journey,
with ecstacy to the brim
which depends on the way
you take the flight!

What happens in life no one knows,
it’s an experience intimated when you grow.
I think life is a bunch of absurd perplexities,
goes on with happiness and miseries.
The way you live it, later or sooner,
it will affect and reflect your demeanor.
It’s all about winning and learning in life
& losing, that word is scratched by a knife.
Some find their life crazy and critic,
for some it’s a dilemma of love
brimming with stress, and fun in tid bits.
Its Hike is arduous but can be smoothen
by the ardour’s vehemence.
As life is no hanky-dory, it’s all’bout present
forget the past and look foward to future.
This is life’s true essence!




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