Just 16 I am,
Longing to see the adult in me.
How immature I am,
Still fighting for the cookie indeed.

Soon the end of school will be near,
And the college will begin.
I am not worried about the scores
It’s just the fear of liberty within.

The expectations of others
Is another thing to bother?
All will be new,
Like a new born in the rue.

I’ve never gone so far alone,
Security concerns for my own.
And 18 comes with all-by-self,
To many things I’ll be prone.

Then comes the search for job,
Between the ruckus
Of the boyfriend’s talk.
Soon I’ll stop to grow
And start to age.

I’ll miss the leather jacket of beige
As marriage things will turn in.
Gosh! Those fights over kids
Makes me sort of sick.

And then the alarm alarms me,
I see its 4 in the morning.
Every night this nightmare
Makes me Shiver,
But the bright day fades the despair.

I am inept to recall the dim thought
And hardly reminisce the battle I fought.
I just hope the best for my breathe
It continues for long.
I hardly care about life or death
Situations that come around.

Just forget the rest,
Live yer way
As life is a beautiful nightmare.
I dare to speak these words, I say
Be calm and fair!



18 thoughts on “SHIVER IN THE COOKIE

  1. How Beautifully you have expressed dream with lots of gifts for you in future.

    Life is beautiful for Beautiful souls.

    No doubt you wrote really great, hope time will carved out every sharp edge hidden in you.

    You’re gonna be perfect in all sense.

    Wishing you for your success in life of course here and now and future ahead.

    Very good morning

    Wishing you good luck

    Liked by 1 person

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