When a child is born,
He is like sweet corn.
Swathe in green cloth
Delicate as a moth.

Then comes in
A teen in conceit
Brimming with perplexities
Of anguish and grin.

Presumed to be an expert
In his leisure.
Securing money and heart
Without any measure.

But his expertise is really true?
When you got a talent in every rue
The time s’ all powerful,
Its eminence unquenchable.

In life one can be stable,
But expertise is questionable.
When a bright soul comes to earth,
A more vivid has already taken birth.

What might happen?
War or peace
But the clock is such a weapon,
It s’ never at ease.

It coins the clever relay
Where all ends.
With time you don’t play
As it gets the uninvited win.

Time’s the real Expert of all time
My rhymes might halt.
But not his vines.
It is eternal
With a special gift,
He makes us old and stoop.
He is archaic than us
But has never tasted
The old age scoop.

It is eternal
With a special flow
Of expertise in defeating
The perils of all time.
My rhymes might halt
But not his vines.



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