Why everything has an end?
I wonder those seats,
after few years
the foam peeps.

Those lovely little seeds
when grow, perturbed by weeds.
The rich soil of earth,
saved until the human lurks.

The huge, high cool trees,
seem refreshing
until the tumble of bees
for an oak table for dressing.

And so a man till 20
starts growing so trendy.
After that faces the age of age,
the jeans don’t fit
with the jacket beige.

The wrinkles Jeopardize the being,
rather jealous of pretty teens.
The stature is now bent,
for a holiday the beauty is sent.

Wisdom flourished,
primp under-nourished.
The age to die
Intrudes with perils passing by.

Why things can never stay in trend?
Why all need a new blend
To recover from the boring bend?
Why each thing has to end?




  1. Change is the only thing which is constant. End is the stepping stone for new life.

    When we feel limited , we become selfish . We may try to resist change but if we can understand there is no difference between you , me and rest of the world then we can relish change.

    End is new beginning indeed. Who like old clothes when brand new is available for you .

    Only one thing that never change amidst of ever changing world that is our real self.

    That is eternal. 😊

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