I reckon I know nothing about love
the way it happens for much loved
I think its feeling of care
or friendship in despair.
Myabe its saying cheezy lines
to yer boyfriend kissing wine.

To pay high phone bills,
as natter with him gives you a thrill.
Spending with him some quality time,
and admiring him to be so divine.
Taking vows to live together,
to withstand every weather.

Compromise and share the stuff,
stay stable in facile or tough.
Is it all about loving, kissing,
showing how much you care,
no matter if you actually do,
how come one word has
so many things to do

Though got a bit persuaded
by a romantic guy of night
ranting with might.

But I m’ still Confused
about love bulb’s fuse
I guess I choose
marijuana as my love!



24 thoughts on “LOVE vs MARIJUANA

  1. Through out life we look for state where we can be ecstatic . Doing durga helps, but just for few minutes or hour.

    We want to reach at state where our mind become still , we feel state of being silent.

    That moment gives the glimpse of our true self. No doubt love is the very basic property of our true self.

    In meditation when we are away from our thoughts and watch them being spectator .

    We are high , we feel our true self.

    Throughout the life we chase that stillness in external factors . But bliss lies with in.

    You want to know about love ? When you know that you are beyond body and mind. What remains in you is love, peace and happiness.

    You look for ecstasy in substances in ignorance. In knowledge you are ever ecstatic. You look for love in relation in dark.
    In light you are ever flowing nector of bliss.

    Hope you will search the love within not in marijuana !šŸ˜Š

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    1. hey! that’s quite interesting to read how you connect everything with spirituality and serenity, i appreciate it. but, sometimes we forget the fact that serenity exists because of disruption. so, we should keep focussing on “simplicity, intelligence, etc.” but should never miss out that it all exists as they have something against going on.
      in all, we should try everything in life, as if we won’t try the falacy (marijuana) we would never understand the right thingd (love, meditation, etc) šŸ™‚

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