Sean the clown, in the Chelsea town

Never knew the word frown,

Always with a grin in green gown.

But his life was not always a happy Kirk,

Tribulations made some lurk.

Sean with the clique,

Went to circus to seek

The cut-throat Ron,

Disguised as prankster Shawn.

The masquerade took out a knife,

Slashed the wire and the tent was electrified.

From the flipside came in the real buffoon,

Saved the life of Sean quite soon.

But outlay his only soul,

To save him from the whole.

Sean lost his all – family and fun.

But as a tribute for the son of a gun,

His one brother Shawn

He impersonated the clown.

Left his white collar,

To jiggle and play a joker with little dollar.

He pledged to never let his cohort down.

And without a speck of frown,

He managed to tease with the same poke,

For people forget the current doom

And reminisce his Joke!



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