Every one desires some luxury in life,

Extravagance, comfort with no strife.

They call for the best food and big house,

Dust free with no mouse.

Long cars with short height,

To flatter people with its sight.

Grace the royal gatherings

with their presence,

wear the French perfume

without a whiff of its essence.

Dress to the occasion

With a veil and matching trinkets.

Radiant shoes with labels

Of stilettos – all set.

Untied black hair dazzle

When on shoulders the air rests.

But this is not about the Luxury,

Its money-oriented and worldly.

Can be earned by business class,

Or a thief by larceny.

The bona fide resides

In the life and nature,

How lavishly you laugh

And multiply its stature.

Make someone smile

Craft a deprived life with luxury.

And if you feel exultant

By swaying someone in opulence wind

Then you’ve tasted the slice of luxury!

(P.S. a very happy friendship day to my friendly readers. Let’s just try to turn someone’s world just as luxurious as it is ours :-))



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