Everything is not fine,

As if it’s my last time

With him and mum

After dinner I gotta run.

“your shoes are not in shelf!”

He yelled, overlooking himself,

His shoes too were not in place.

“Look at your untied lace”

And his slippers were broken.

“your messy desk is covered with pages”

Which included his up-side-down glasses

I knew I was wrong,

But he always sang that song.

He too made a muddle,

But never accepted the struggle.

There was always a bicker between us

And no space for value only fuss.

He never dire to apologize

And I grasped the same.

Now the wedding card has my golden name,

Dinner is over; my cabriolet is on the door,

My heart echoes more than its horn.

He pulls my hand and hugs me tight,

“this is my apology, have a good night”

“dad I love you, you’re my hero, alright!”

“I wish the best for you two”

I guess he was always the best guy,

It was just the Apology I had to do!



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