Cyprus was a town where I lived,

My mother passed away

And we just had a place not well build.

After her death, something happened to dad,

I reckon he was alone and felt sad.

He used to be loving and carefree,

But now he made me cut the trees.

I cried, he overlooked,

I got hurt, he turned his face

And implied he’s booked.

We had our last howdy! Feast 7 years ago.

We satiated on my over cooked meal,

I don’t remember why

And which punishment I had to deal.

I was just 13, and he made me a mechanic,

I could cook, clean and prescribe the tonics.

I could even fix the taps, stitch a dress,

That too without sweat or stress.

“Why learn so early?” people asked,

He simply ignored and handed me a task.

After 10 years he left to the skies,

He had the same snag,

Due to which my mother died.

He taught me all for this day,

He knew he soon had to grave.

The reprimands he gave me,

Was a Punishment for himself

Now I can just thank him

And arrange his things in shelf.



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