These few lines are meant

For you to realize the extant

Of care and mirth.

From the beginning, on earth

When man took birth,

And nature provided the air for life,

Water for thirst, nothing to strife.

It made a woman for affection,

Care and life s’ satisfaction.

It gave ability to expand, discover,

Open the secrets, remove their cover.

But what did we do?

“be honest and true!”

Made the lines, turned things apart,

Slain the unspoken for self like carts.

We did all being carefree

Just bothered beloved s’ whims.

I mince no word,

We did all for our kin.

Nothing for her who made our existence

Nothing for our nature,

It seems slog to plant a tree

I sometimes wonder what if

nature would’ve been Carefree!



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