Again the hot summer arrives,

To have some fun and go out

You need to strive.

But this time we plan

And gather the whole clan,

To enjoy the feast at grandma s’ again.

We reach the place,

See the country girls with lace,

The cowboys in boots, so young

My cousin s’ eyes on them got hung.

We all started to haul the log,

To make a set for the whole mob.

Tables – turned, Food – prepared,

Lightings – check, people ready to cheer.

The whole village was invited,

Jovial people and young love excited

To break the floor and be satiated

By the funky tunes and the meal we created.

This was the best summer indeed,

Nothing else I am longing to need.

But every year the same fun – n – treat,

Planning some new theme

for grandma s’ Feast.



3 thoughts on ““HOWDY!” FEAST

  1. You write innocently , superb, loved reading.
    I believe it comes to you naturally.

    So free flow words, perfect meaning, making sense.

    You should be happy to have such a talent.

    Keep sharing, more feast to come.

    Liked by 1 person

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