Looking from the sky up high was a father just liberated from a curse. He killed a lad instead of his father and so by the other gods he was made to live the same fate by outlying his only son. The father Arthur and his son James were now to encounter each other. Arthur lived in the remote paradise, while his son on the land where one would hardly find a place to step – earth.

Arthur in his snow-y sky ship when hopped in the earth s’ atmosphere disguised as a private helicopter, landed straight away in china town. He was swathe in lapis lazuli. Everyone laughed at him. He seemed as a fancy dress competition loser.

Some good gods helped Arthur to find his son. They gave them a riddle to solve and the result will be James s’ address. The riddle was that James is hidden in one of the two most populated things. When Arthur landed he noticed two most populated things i.e. people and drivers.

He soon took a place stay and started searching for his son. He opened the main door and saw his land lady Mrs. Jaico coming out of her car, he rushed towards her and asked “what is that vehicle, and where can I get it?” she said it was her Drive and gave him the card of the vendor. Arthur instantly left for the shop. Mrs. Jaico closed the door and her purse fell from her hands and the car shop card came out, then she realized that she had given him the card of a computer hardware shop.

Arthur reached in front of the shop but was surprised to see that no such car was nearby. He entered the shop and said to the shop owner “I need a drive”. The owner gave him a pen drive. He was inept to understand how the drive could be converted in such a big vehicle. He saw a gang of men and asked them that if they could press the hidden button and bring the car out. Those men snatched the drive, hit him and went away calling him a moron. The next day when he was at home, someone knocked the door. Arthur opened it and a man appeared and asked him to join the justice china drive. He locked the door speedily and without more ado joined the rally. He enquired the leader about the car and they all kicked him out of the rally.

Finally clarifying his qualms and he went to a car shop. There he found a group of teenage boys staring at the cars. One of them said “jerry why do ‘you’ need a car? You always donate all yer things then is there any use of buying the car?” jerry put his hand on the front side of the vehicle and at the same time Arthur too did the same. Soon jerry was taken aback by his sub-conscious mind and saw visuals of the work of his father and the slog he put to find him. There was a different touch which he lived while his hand was in touch with Arthur.  After few moments he came back into reality and saw his father and said “dad-I missed you”. Arthur hugged his son. Soon a bright light came from the sky in between the clouds and both were flown away like the particles in the air.



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