Once I went to the beach with my cousin and dad

I still reminisce those fun moments we had.

He bought me a bubble popper,

And asked me to play in a way that was proper.

I blew them in one way,

First it was a stream,

Then it started to fray.

The next day it rained heavily

I made a boat and made it swim

In the pond filled lavishly.

The boat left a stream behind

Full of Frail bubbles due to dirt of some kind.

The next morning was pleasant and shiny

My dad bought a real boat

That made me say” blimey!”

We went on board for some adventure

Once we were off the shore

Behind I saw the furrow and some creatures.

But this time there were no bubbles

And so it did not make me dazzle.

I told my cousin about it

He got the popper and

Moved me a bit

The moment he stooped

He fell down and became a spoof.

He distorted my frail stream,

We pulled him out and put some cream.




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