The aftermath

The last day of my school came up with a precious piece of advice by one of my favourite teachers”THE DESTINY FAVOURS THE ONE WHO RECALLS”.

He used to give me the english lessons well actually to all the 41 of us who focussed under one roof. I encountered numerous kinds of qualities and weaknesses in the people around me. We all used to sturdy hard and tried to comprehend everything, but there was one girl who did the slog too by capturing the pages of the books. She simply crammed the notes and answers to all questions. Quite competitive by nature and not very loved by all.

Everyone used to give the exams and she used to pass by flying colors. If anyone got a little more than her score she used to turn green with envy as she had a habit, quite absurd, of being absent a few days before exams to lick the text. I guess that was the part which never made her the apple of all eyes.

But that day, 29th of march, when I was discussing about several personalities of my class with my teacher and how much I disapproved with the tactics of that geek-y girl, my dear teacher gave me an important key to stairs of life. He told me that whether you understand a thing or simply mug up, it has nothing to do with the result of yer labour. It all relies on the moment when you are asked a simple question which you did before and you come up with the correct answer. The interviewer, boss, teacher, etc. do not care about the way you did it, they are concerned with the aftermath.

Another theory is that when one crams and automatically links the several things he read today in some way, then one is known to understand deeply by default.

Many say that understand the concepts of life don’t bone up. but, we often forget the most reminiscing part that if we can recall it, overlooking the way we learnt it the first time, nothing matters more than that.

People might consider this notion as “just earn the money, no matter if you steal it”. This is because they forget to say”I see” to the belief that everything and everyone known to ever walk on this huge area called earth is different in many certain ways. And as they always say that endings are the best part!

A Piece of Advice


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