Tousled head with several beads,

Never dared I to pluck.

Once dressed like a bridesmaid

To my leg kitten heels stuck.

I was walking the Persian rug

With a bouquet in my hand

Full of thrives bereft of a golden bug.

A bow at the back

And my kitten legs tapped

As I moved further.

My moment took a halt

When I saw that bald

I was struck by storm in the head

How can he, why did she?..

It was the grin of the big day

Or the glee.

The man who came like thunder

And stormed my life

Is now next to his to-be-wife

Of her I never had a whiff

Just my colleague and nothing was stiff.

I stormed the wedding

With flood on my face

I never knew with whom I was racing

I kept running in the phase.

I ruined all the plush

And the nasty mirror showed a menace

As if an ominous storm passed by me

Shedding every sheet of the tree.

I then gathered myself

Stacked the episodes in the shelf.

I went out to bask in the city

And met that guy on the dance floor

With his moves he seemed a learned lore.

I tapped my peppy feet

And he came watering my ardor seed.

He was fast; he stirred me in the rue

“Watch-out! A storm coming through”.

With such a rash drive

With a couch we collide

Making knots of our fingers

We link our lips.

He comes and storms my day with bliss.

Every storm has its way

It strikes hard or with love it sways

Every storm has its way

Repent, gloom, or grit and play

Live every moment

What s’ next can t’ say.



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