She invited the rain to the bloom

To make way for the rising of coon

Who with strength played his one soul

To recoup his single clan from the whole.

Wild was against the bizarre beauty

When the fox at midnight, when raccoons

Were at watch, tricked them calling for gloom.

So the troop left for save in the woods

And the fox sent to break in the hoods

They defeated the tribes, the unlike kin

And the fox put the blame on raccoon‘s chin

But the sly, disregarding the owl

That hath seen, then narrated his foul.

Howling and growling in rage,

The survivors demanded the wily

To go away and then all were informed

That one coon they lost, for him mourned

The dim sky, nature’s spy for his bold

She invited the rains to set free

His one mighty, full with serenity, his soul.



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